My intro to China as a designer! This video is an overview of my body of work as an international designer, photographer and model. I hope that you enjoy.


Arizona Foothills is a fashion and luxury magazine based in Scottsdale, Arizona. These graphic images display my taste level, passion for layout design and typographic skills. 


This is a Jean Style Guide designed for Gap. Gap is an international brand that specializes in jeans. This piece received national recognition from Gap. It contains every style of jean, its' fit, as well as styling tips.


Massimo Vignelli is one of my favorite designers. This poster was something I developed in my free time. I wanted to capture the essence of how is design style inspires me. I a quote from his book "The Vignelli Cannon" because it represents the standard for how I approach all of my design work.


This is an interpretation of the Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein. The graphics was inspired by the idea of learning. When I was a child my teachers used chalkboards to teach so I wanted to emulate the graphics in my head while being taught certain concepts such as science.  


This piece was inspired by the importance of creativity, the development of ideas and the creative process. Everything we see in the world today started as an idea before it became reality. The words coming from the mouth represent the birth of an idea and the hands mold the creation of the idea. The line work of the head and hands are a trace of my actual head and hands. This piece was developed by using illustrator for the line work and a laser printer to transfer the image onto wood.


This short commercial was a school project used to measure my skills using AfterEffects. I was tasked with storyboarding the commercial, building assets and adding motion and sound to the commercial. Overall I wanted to recreate the fun, simplistic and energetic feel we know today as the Ritz Brand.

This video was created to promote the blockbuster movie Point Break. This promotion was inspired by the popular social media network WeChat. The goal of this project was to give the viewer a realistic perspective of the main character, Johnny Utah as if he was scrolling through his WeChat moments.

Fika Friends is a coffee shop located int he heart of Beijing. With customized cupcake recipes, hot coffees and a stylish environment it is the perfect place to hang out with friends. For this project I was in charge of developing this video from start to finish. This includes storyboarding, filming all video elements, asset development and using programs such as Illustrator and After Effects to tie the whole video together.